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Timken introduces two high-performance alloy steel grades

Timken introduces two high-performance alloy steel grades
Author :Admin | Publish Date:2013-11-23 20:10:08
CANTON, Ohio — The Timken Co. has introduced Timken 4130HW and 4140HW grades of high-performance alloy steel that meet AISI4130 and 4140 standards.

“We have specifically designed these new Timken steel grades for the oil and gas industry to use in high-stress, high-temperature applications,” said Shawn Seanor, vice president – energy and distribution for the Timken Steel business. “Our special 4130HW and 4140HW steel grades improve hardenability and strength to improve the heat-treat response in heavier sections.”

Typical offshore and onshore applications where the 4130HW steel would be particularly well suited include oil and gas drilling and completion equipment such as packers, liner hanger components, drilling jars, and fishing tools. In addition to this equipment, customers also specify 4140HW steel for wellhead components including ball and gate valves, manifolds, crossover flanges, adapter flanges, slips, and BOPs.

For 4130HW, yield strengths range from 80 ksi-95 ksi, while 4140HW yield strengths range from 110 ksi-140 ksi.
(Offshore Oil and Gas Magazine)

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